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♫ redoing this page.. falala... ♪ ran out of stamina before i could make it all nice... la la... ♫


i read all of honeyclo in like 4 days and my brain is soupy but:

kinda odd that despite very clearly writing hagu in such a way where it shows that talent is mostly determination & positing it as anything else will only alienate people who are very passionate about something from their peers, one of the last plotlines is still about morita's weird family feud about who the Talented brother is and how it pays off in basically every way you could possibly want (unless your unfavorite brother betrays you or something)

also even though he and his brother were mirrors of their dad and uncle (the original have/have-not drama machines), kaoru is said to "have imagination" because he... feels guilty about causing someone suffering...

So talent isn't real and thinking it is instead of focusing on your strengths is bad. (But he's not not-talented.) morita isn't an eccentric genius in the way of a stereotype, he's a real person because he mentioned it once and extroverts are just hard to write with pathos OKAY????


not exactly resolutions, but this year i'd like to:

to be honest, part of the reason i made this site was to feel better about all the time i have to spend idle because of my injury. even if i stopped making things right now, i'd still have tried lots of stuff, and i'm proud of what i've managed.

and of course, as is tradition:


quitting my day job to become a 'Moon Flame Envoy', whatever the hell that means


first painting of the year. we found an unopened set of children's tempera in the closet. lucky!


a lot of fuss is made about learning from others' mistakes, but there's a real magnetism to a good story told badly.

the impulse to cut and sew, to thin out indulgences, to tie up loose ends... i think everyone wants to see things they enjoy succeed, but often it's more about looking legitimate to outsiders. (we pass this principle on in teaching, too. if you've looked at one bad tutorial, you've probably seen them all.)

but there's no way to do that without changing the process itself, and by then, it's less fun for everyone, isn't it?