a list of nice things


To take

whatever you like!



Comfort foods

+ chili beans
+ oat biscuits
+ sweet potatoes
+ homemade pasta
+ cream of mushroom soup (with lots of pepper and cheese)
+ tea with honey and lemon (ginger and berries in particular)


To take (in)


dither, gnaw, churlish, lacuna, estuary, pontificate, maudlin, plaintive, fastidious, jilted, mercurial, gormless, malfeasance, first light


i'd quote shakespeare on brevity, but as a chronic yammerer i think it might actually make me explode. it does seem like mr. darnielle is paying by the letter sometimes. some of my favorites, collected on the criteria of most evocative:

and the sun peeks in / like a killer through the curtains
(First Few Desperate Hours)

i've got pudding for a backbone / but so do you!
(Fault Lines)

crows outside complaining about the finer points of local politics
(Pink and Blue)

we are what we are / get in the goddamn car
(Slow West Vultures)

when the scum begins to circle the drain / everybody loves a winner
(Michael Myers Resplendent)

once more unto the breach! / safe in the spots that the light can't reach
(Possum by Night)

climb the turnbuckle high / take two falls out of three / black out for local TV
(Southwestern Territory)

soar ever-upwards / on air gone black with flies
(Transcendental Youth)

bodies reassembling down where the worms crawl / make your own friends when the world's gone cold
(Hebrews 11:40)

i wish the west texas highway was a mobius strip / i could ride it out forever / when i feel my heart break
(Source Decay)

track lights blur together, anklet buzzing on my leg / thinking up lies to tell
(Satori in Denver)

and i scrutinize the carnage / like it was the goddamn rosetta stone
(Alpha Chum Gatherer)

god bless all petty thieves / with tins of oysters up their sleeves
(Steal Smoked Fish)

it never hurts to give thanks to the local gods / you never know who might be hungry