A forgotten portrait

hello! i'm watcher, reclusive rabbit and the caretaker of this website.

i'm a hobbyist with a love for the obscure. i can usually be found painting, fussing over my plants, or making overwrought stories about my characters. beyond that, i really like theatre, dod/nier, visual novels and mycology.

if you like, i can be reached by e-mail or found elsewhere.

...in the tallest spire

i dabble in lots of things, but my true love is sequential art. part of the reason i made this page is because of how impractical (if not impossible) it is to display such work on your own terms. plus it's just nice to have the things i'm passionate about all in one place!

this site was created january 4th, 2021. anyone here before then would've been treated to this.
thank you for your service, kirby jammin'.


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