without song - a drakengard shrine

Worthy or not, I wish to live.

This is a page dedicated to Drakengard, the action-RPG by Cavia and ostensible starting point of the Nier franchise (of Automata fame). In case the million references scattered across my site didn't give it away, I've had a an interest in this game ever since I saw it at the tender age of either 7 or 8 in a Top Ten Most Messed Up Video Game Endings compilation (or something to that effect). Its moodiness, experimental music and spiteful subversions of then-popular tropes in both games and anime make it something special.


While heavily censored in the west, the game contains disturbing material and characters. As my interest in it relates to its mechanics and surrealism, these won't be discussed here. Please be mindful if you plan on looking into it further.