stuff that takes a bit longer to experience and a little bit longer to make.
peruse my contextless comics and despair!


{2020-12-31} hvnsnt (demo)
visual novel about an angel, the world, and taking matters into your own hands.
(you can also find out which character you're most like here)


{2020-09-19} no one else (The King)
{2020-04-16} shiva (Hitori, Kazuaki, Nageki)
{2019-11-05} two birds (Alma, Libera)


{2020/05/11} a comic about grief (Sasha, Lou)
{2020/05/10} a comic about being yourself (Sable, Zurie)
{2018/06/06} a comic about trust (Abel, Alma)
{2017/07/23} a comic about giving (Libera, Alma)